Hello! I’m Maria, the blogger behind Honey and Eggs. Let me be honest: I am not a gardener – but I want to be! What I don’t have in terms of experience or horticulture qualifications, I make up for with sheer enthusiasm and a love for being in the garden.

Honey and Eggs will document the trials and tribulations of my gardening, hen-keeping and maybe one day, beekeeping. I’m hoping it will allow me to keep track of any progress I make in the garden and learn from those with more know-how.

I’m not looking to create a Chelsea-worthy garden, but something that is wildlife friendly, as organic as possible and that is a joy to relax in and maintain would be great. Am I asking for too much? Probably. But I’m optimistic!

The long and short of it is this: I’m a Geordie in Scotland with a desire to live “the good life”, and create a space which is practical yet enjoyable for myself, Roy (fiancé) and Bonnie (pesky cat).

If you’re new to the blog, a good place to start is ‘The State of the Garden’ and if you have any tips or experience you’d like to share, please do.

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