Assembling the coop!

Assembling the chicken coop was one job that just needed to be done. The coop had been sitting dismantled (it didn’t fit in my wee Ford Ka) and needed to be built so I could get my chickens!

Not only did it need to be reassembled, but it needed to be cleaned. The coop I’ve gone for is a first-generation Eglu from Omlet. I really liked the practicalities that Omlet were offering – namely, they were easy to clean (can be power washed) and reduced the likelihood of red mite.

However, it is worth considering wooden alternatives, as these are a fraction of the cost. Andy Cawthray (of Chicken Street) wrote a practical article on wooden versus plastic coops which you might be interested in.

Roy diligently assembling the coop

Thankfully, there was a lady in Dundee selling her Eglu and run so I snapped it up. I had initially wanted the smaller Eglu classic, which can house up to four chickens, but the second-hand Eglu worked out at around the same price anyway. With the Eglu, I can now house up to ten chickens! Although I can have up to ten, I think I’m going to stick with four. After all, I’m just starting out.

Anyway, after a couple of hours power washing and with Roy’s helpful reassembling effort, the coop is now ready for chickens! Watch this space!

== Update! ===

The chickens have now arrived – come and meet them!

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