The Chickens have Arrived!

Last Sunday finally saw the arrival of my four hens: Bridget, Henrietta, Bluebell and Daphne! And with them came their own unique personalities…

The chooks!

So, on the top left, we have Bluebell, followed by Henrietta on the top right. On the bottom left, there’s Bridget, and lastly, there’s Daphne on the bottom right. (Also, I’ve realised it’s actually quite hard to get a profile shot of a chicken. They’re constantly suddenly moving!)


Bridget is the boisterous one who we think is top of the pecking order. She’s adventurous and a little feisty.

Henrietta is the socialite of the flock. On the first day the hens arrived, the majority of them spent the day huddled under the coop, but when Roy’s niece and nephew visited, Henrietta ran straight over to the children. She also just seems like the friendly one.

Bluebell has been the quietest so far, despite being the biggest. I think she and Bridget are competing for Head Hen. She was the hardest one to get a photo of – I’ll have to wait another few days I think before I get a feel for her personality.

Daphne is the baby of the flock. She’s the smallest, and, in my mind the ‘dopeyest’ of the flock (I mean that in a nice way!) She also has this cute habit of leaping down from the coop, rather than using the wee ladder like the other three.

It’s amazing how four of the same species can be so different, just like humans really.

A short glimpse into the run. Now all I need is a live feed…

The arrival

Bonnie, our lovely pesky cat, didn’t quite know how to handle the chooks. Even the box they arrived in freaked her out a bit.

This didn’t get any better once the chickens were in the coop, here she is acting like she’s never seen a chicken before, which, to be fair, she probably hasn’t. Also, Bonnie is a very small cat! All of my chooks are bigger than her.

What are your chickens like? Do they have distinct personalities?

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