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10 Best Gardening Instagram Accounts 2017

For garden inspiration, words are good, but pictures reign supreme. When I’m looking for inspiration on Instagram I’m constantly amazed by the quality and diversity of gardening-focused accounts. There’s everyone from first-time allotment owners, to succulent experts and garden designers to follow. Here are my top ten best Instagram accounts to follow in 2017.

1. Alys Fowler – @alysf

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I’ve been a fan of Alys ever since I caught her whimsical yet informative show ‘The Edible Garden’ on BBC iPlayer. Her Instagram posts are just as wonderful as she captures the everyday joy that even the simplest of gardening jobs can bring.

2. @se9gardener

Se9gardener provides a glimpse into real-world allotmenteering. Everything from buying plant pots, allotment wildlife and seedling growth is captured in this account.

3. Botany geek – @botanygeek

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Botanist and television presenter James Wong is the Botany Geek, and his Instagram is on point. If you’re interested in unusual plants, fruit and vegetables from around the world with interesting plant facts, then this is the account for you.

4. She Sows Seeds – @she_sows_seeds

Another real-world gardener with a cat and a polytunnel. Follow her progress as she sows her seeds and documents the gardener’s year.

5. Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney – @rgbsydney

The official Instagram account from the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. I’m probably a bit biased, but last September, I was lucky enough to visit Sydney and I spent a lot of time at these wonderful and colourful gardens. The account does a fantastic job of capturing this and vibrancy.

6. Debby Tenquist – @Debbytenquist

If it’s landscaping and garden design inspiration you’re after, this is the account for you. Debby posts a brilliant blend of flowers and stunning gardens from around the UK.

7. Botanical Addiction – @botanical_addiction

A minimalist account for all the cool people in your life. This account showcases striking botanical imagery and beautiful composition, making every post seem like a work of art.

8. Plants of Babylon – @plantsofbabylon

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I love this account. It captures ordinary and extraordinary plants that grow in the most random and unlikely places. It just goes to show that despite the concrete, plants can prevail.

9. Terraced Smallhold – @terraced_smallholding

Luscious green photos saturate this gorgeous account as the owner transforms a small garden into “a productive smallholding while keeping it as space for my family to play and enjoy”. Right up my street.

10. Martha – @marfskitchen

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Martha is great at showing off the veg she grows in her allotment, from seedling to produce. It’s very satisfying to watch.

Of course, there’s also my Instagram account… #plug 😉

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